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Blessing Ambassador Program


Bath Blessing Box is happy to share our Blessing Ambassador Program.  We love working with others, influencers and bloggers who support our mission* of blessing of body, mind, and soul. This program allows you to spread the word, bless others, support other artisans, and spread our messages of encouragement. And you also get reimbursed. You decide the level you want to participate. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, please drop us an email at Please tell us about you ~ your name, company or organization, your phone and address. Please also tell us about your friends and followers.

After approval, we will assign a specific coupon code to your account. Upon reaching the Tier One level you will get:  $5 for your each Sanctuary Box for a month to month sales order. $10 off the 3, 6 or 12 month sales. The reward program is for our Sanctuary Box only at this time .

Our tiered structure will reward your level of interest. 

Tier One: After your sales reach 5 new customers in the 3,6 or 12 month program for The Sanctuary Box valued at $39.99 using your specific code, we will pay you a reward of $10  for each sale OR a free same-level box.


Tier Two: After your sales reach 10 new customers using your specific code in the 3, 6, and 12 month program, we will pay you a reward of $150 and a “Life’s Too Short for Ordinary” activity T-shirt ~ OR a free same-level box free subscription for 3 months.


Tier Three: After your sales reach 50 new customers using your specific code, we will pay you a reward of $600 and two “Life’s Too Short for Ordinary” activity T-shirts AND a free same-level box for 12 months.


Tier Four: After your sales reach 100 new customers using your specific code, we will pay you a reward of $1500 and two T-shirts. And you will also receive:  discount offerings to your clients, a direct advertising link on our website, a vendor program feature. AND a free same-level box for 12 months.


Over 1000 customers, compensation as above with the same dollar ratio. And we will add a page of our website dedicated to your blog/business/program. We will gift 30 employees (or giftees of your choice) with gift boxes. And we will donate 10% of your sales to a charity of your choice. We can customize a program just for you including free 12 month subscriptions for key sales personnel.


Rules and regulations apply:  

The reward payments are payable on a monthly basis and after Tier One has been reached. We make payments through PayPal or in other methods if prearranged.

The payout is for affiliate sales not for personal purchase by the Ambassador.

Each program participant is responsible for taxes according to your governing bodies.

Additional rules may apply based on each situation. We reserve the right to alter these programs at any time.  Prior notification will take place and all sales will be honored.

To be considered for this program, please email us at Upon approval, you will be sent your personal codes to use.  Please see our mission here About Us: Our Mission.