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Six Elements of a Relaxing Bath

A relaxing bath is a well-known reset for the human condition.  Immersing in warm water creates a cleansing feeling that lowers stress levels and creates a relaxation like no other.  We have identified six elements of the perfect bath. 


If you want to create your epic bath and turn your bath into a Sanctuary, then read on and .... you will want to take notes! Or you can print this handy checklist. You are welcome ;).  


This is of epic importance because it can affect your relaxation level every, single day. It is a well-known fact that environment and a healthy routine can transform a lifestyle of balance and peace.  Taking the time to create a routine that relaxes you creates a happier you and then you in turn can be the best you can be!   


1. The Water: The first element to the perfect bath is the water.  Whether you like it super sizzling or warmish, the temperature is a personal preference that sets the stage for a perfect night. There are so many choices and your perfect recipe must include one of these:  Bubble bath, Bath Bomb, Bath Salts, Essential Oils (see our blog on relaxation recipes) and Bath Soaks.  If you are adventurous and want to learn about the latest, you will want to try these amazing additions: Bath Tea, Bath Milks, Bath Truffles, botanicals and even natural ingredients like honey! If you have not hear of these wonders, you may want to subscribe for the updates and newsletters at Bath Blessing.


2. The Cleanser: What exactly are you using to clean and refresh your skin and body?  As our product purchasing power is now driven by consumer knowledge, you should have great product choices.  Your soaps should be artisan and full of more natural ingredients.  Look for these options for creative varieties to include small batch artisan soaps, body wash, body gels, whipped soap, bath powders, cleansing and bubble bars and even shampoo bars!  


3. Exfoliation: Good skin care includes sloughing off the old skin and reviving new fresh skin cells.  One of the best ways to exfoliate include the use of natural scrubs.  Sugar and salt scrubs are great ways to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time!  If you have never used a sugar scrub, you have been denying yourself a basic right! Other amazing tools include loofahs, stones and cellulite oils with dry brushings. 


4. Mood - Don't forget the setting.  The perfect bath can be enhanced immensely with the right mood.  This is where the simple pleasures of life come in.  Our favorite mood setters combine candles, beverages, trays, books, bath pillows, art, aromatherapy.  And don't forget a relaxing playlist to set the tone.  Stay tuned for Bath Blessing Relaxation playlist of the month!


5. After the Bath Moisturizer:  One of the best parts of the bath experience is what we call the "slathering stage." Until you follow up a warm bath with body butter, you simply have not lived a full life!  So many after bath products include the healing benefits of essential oils and natural ingredients.  The options may consist of body butters, lotions, body polish, oils, scrubs and after bath/shower splashes. This may be the most important element because the bath benefits continue your journey to healthy skin as you lock in the moisture.


6. Importance of good Tools! The Bath accessories! The instruments in your bath tool chest should boast loofahs, natural sponges, stones, brushes, scrubbers, back washers and specialty cloths and towels.  


See your Self Care Checklist below to keep a handy list of the 6 Elements of a perfect bath.  With all of these luxuries, the combinations are endless but this is a great place to start to build your bath pantry!

– Judie Palmisano, Founder, Bath Blessing Box 

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