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Why is Charcoal Soap beneficial? What to look for?

Activated Charcoal Soap with Frankincense and Konjac Sponge


Ever wonder what that big benefit of charcoal soap is? Firstly, charcoal soap should be gentle.

A gentle charcoal soap will leave your face feeling SQUEAKY CLEAN! But how does it work? Activated charcoal removes toxins and improve overall skin health. 

It is THE best for removing make-up. Why use wipes laden with chemicals on your face to remove your make-up when natural alternatives work so much better Charcoal soap can reduce acne and remove impurities that can cause other conditions.  Falling asleep with your make-up on can prematurely age your skin. But using a natural product helps return it to a natural state. 

Hand-made charcoal soap is the best because it is a careful combination. When looking for a special and natural product it is always best to try small batch companies because the products are made fresh. When made in small batches there is no need to add preservatives that can change the make up of the soap and add unnecessary preservative chemicals.

Black Charcoal soap should have  ACTUAL Charcoal in the soap which pulls bacteria out of your pores. Look at the ingredients for actual charcoal. Also, look for a glycerine soap base which pulls the moisture from the air and into your skin. Only buy soap made with Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends. 

Different oils have specific purposes and can do different things for your face and body. Charcoal soap can be paired with specific oils for special purposes. Some of the best include:

  • Frankincense and lavender combined in a charcoal soap is a perfect blend to help reduce redness and inflammation in your skin.

  • Lavender and tea tree blended with charcoal gives a deep clean and is helpful for those who tend to have heavy breakouts.

  • Peppermint and sweet orange combined in a charcoal soap creates a great energizing blend to help you wake up in the morning with tingly sensations.

A special combination Charcoal Soap blend of Lavender and Frankincense and konjac sponge set is available in the December Bath Blessing Box themed "Merry Mistletoe." This product is from The Parisian Hostess Company. 

Judie Palmisano, Founder, Bath Blessing Box 

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Benefits of Charcoal Soap | Bath Blessing Box

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