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Life’s too short for ordinary baths ~
Relax, Rinse, Repeat

Everyone wants to live a more healthy life ~   We found the world is full of so much stress and demands on time and “health guilt” …… I want to do better but ???  We decided “Life’s too short for same ole, same ole…”  It’s about change…taking action to live a better life! 

We asked and listened to our clients… and they have spoken.  Time,  Action and Cost are the greatest challenges to a more healthy life.  SO, we thought “ What if there was a way to take an everyday living task (like bathing/showering) and make it easier  for people to relax, be healthier and be encouraged” ….  So Bath Blessing Box was born!

Our goal is to treasure hunt the world over to design the best luxury, artisan and healthy bath and body collection…. Wrap it up in a surprise box….. Deliver to your door every month full of goodies and blessings!   We save you time, action and money and delight you every month!


What the future holds

As we help the world to Relax, Rinse and Repeat….. we set in place a movement.  Here lies our Mission: A movement to create a kinder, gentler world of squeeky clean do-gooders who can now share love, peace and sudsy kindness.  Our mission is to bathe the world in love ….. one bath at a time.

BIG BATHY task we know…. but here it is what we shout from our soapbox  “Changing the world begins with you…. Take care of you…. You are the only You the world has!” Let us SPOIL YOU! Choose to SUBSCRIBE to our Bath Blessing Box and let your relaxation journey begin. And GIVE …. Give the gift of relaxation to loved ones.  We will give back too to many charitable organizations.  Here is how: SUBSCRIBE