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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peaches

Looking Peachy ~ The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peaches

It’s no wonder that the phrase “Looking Peachy” has been associated with beauty and youthfulness! The sight, smell and alluring color of peaches (and its kissing cousin Miss Mango) are just tempting teaming with richness.  Large amounts of Vitamin C is the superpower of the Peach family. They are known to help maintain beauty and provide defense against harmful free radicals and blemishes from infections. 

Peaches are known for assisting against inflammation and protection from harmful UV rays. The flavonoids in peaches serve the youthfulness of skin in protective measures by sloughing off dead skin.  They are widely used in the cosmetic industry and a common ingredient in skin creams, lotions and cosmetics.

Peach seed extract has emollient effect smoothing the skin. Peach juice promotes skin metabolism and calms and moisturizes the skin. Also, Peach leaves extract has moisturizing, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial effects.

Peaches are also known to hydrate and revitalize skin cells, as well as, promote faster recovery from problematic conditions such as discolorations, spots and blemishes.  When combined with Kaolin Clay, the super punch helps to draw out impurities and excess oil and dirt which lead to blemishes. Thus keeping an overall balance that promotes youthful skin. Kaolin Clay is well known for its pore-refining and tightening benefits. As the clay dries on the face and neck, pore size is minimized and skin will feel firmer and more supple.

 The Mango is known as the “Peach of the Tropics,” and offers similar qualities.

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