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Our pic for The Best Cellulite Body Buffer ~ just in time for the Holiday Parties


We pride ourselves in knowing all things “Bath”  and when looking at what makes a great bath product make our list  …’s the BIG 3… Relaxation, Aromatherapy and Exfoliation for healthy looking skin!  When it comes to body buffers, Spongelle’s Body Contouring Anti-Cellulite Buffer with built-in Cleanser wins the trifecta!

How is this so?  “The Buffer”, as we affectionately call it, boasts a built-in cleanser and is a dual sided buffer that massages, exfoliates, smooths and detoxifies the skin. A proprietary delivery system and use daily while bathing or showering will help boost circulation & make you feel younger, toned, and rejuvenated. This is where the smoother skin comes in and it has been known to result in smoother-looking skin that reduces the look of cellulite.

SO, in our opinion it is “The Buffer” of this season.  The  patented body wash infused buffer, has a special curved side to it that provides a unique  delivery system to massage, smooth, and exfoliate areas prone to cellulite.  So we say yes to aroma-therapeutic goodness, go-away to cellulite and hello to beautiful holiday dresses!

The Buffer is available in a  a delightful Beach Grass Fragrance.

A wrap up of the Bath and Shower Benefits:

  • Body Wash Infused Buffer + Polish
  •  Helps Smooth Problem Areas prone to cellulite
  •  Multi-Function, Multi-Use, 30+ Uses
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cleanse, Exfoliate and Message All In One
  • Leaves Skin Smooth, Toned and Rejuvenated
  • All in One Beauty Treatment
  •  Extracts of Coffee & Sea Kelp
  •  Time-Released Lather
  •  Dermatologist Tested
  •  Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free, not tested on animals
  •  Proprietary Infusion Technology
  •  Good for travel

No major lesson to use it ~ just moisten buffer with water and squeeze to release lather. Use the soft side to cleanse and tone the skin. Use the textured side in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. Rise and squeeze buffer out after each use.

The ingredients include sunflower seed oil, green coffee extract, sea kelp, fragrance.  And it is Made in the USA.

Available in the December Bath Blessing Box as a Black Friday Bonus for customers who subscribe before the December Box launches. 

 Judie Palmisano, Founder, Bath Blessing Box 

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