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Bath Bombs ~ Top Five Reasons they are Beneficial...#1 will surprise you!

Five Benefits of Bath Bombs - we've all seen many bath bombs in stores and online, and they are all the rage and for good reason!

The Bath Bomb is a solo moment. It is like a prepacked gift. Here are our top five benefits of the Bath Bomb:

5. Five - Mood ~ The Bath Bomb (and we capitalize out of respect) is a mood maker! It makes you sloooow down. Like watching a fish swim or water boil, it's slow and effortless and instantly lightens your mood.

4. Four - Ingredients ~ if you get a good one, it delivers things that are good for you!  Look for bombs with essential oils and healthy ingredients. If it is full of colors that look like candy you would never put into your mouth (or let your children have), then why put into your bath? 

3. Three - Aromatherapy ~ the good ones gift you with sweet-smelling aromas to delight and relax you. Don't settle for just colored water...eww.  Let there be lavender and eucalyptus and lemon..... shall we go on?

2. Two - Soothing ~ the bath bomb should deliver beneficial soothing elements to give your skin a satisfying soak that leaves you feeling refreshed and pampered. 

1. One - the most important benefit of Ms. Bath Bomb (thinking she is surely a lady)... is tadaa .... the Bundle of Beauty ~ it's a perfect little gift. It's a cost saving, easy and convenient little package of goodness.

Let me explain... to have all of the things that go into a bath bomb at the side of your tub would be expensive, difficult and inconvenient. 

So, we vote yes to Ms. Bath Bomb! Having a little cute ball of mood, healthy ingredients, aromatherapy, the soothing bundle is very beneficial.

– Judie Palmisano, Founder, Bath Blessing Box 

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5 Reasons Why Bath Bombs Are Good For You | Bath Blessing Box