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Motivating Selfcare Scents for the Senses - Motivate Me March!

Motivating Selfcare Scents for the Senses - Motivate Me March!

Have you ever been surprised when a scent triggers a memory …. a stranger's perfume reminds you of a teacher, oregno of your Grandmother, lava soap of your Father, or a Camilla flower of a trip to New Orleans? Of the five senses, there is much belief that Smell is the strongest which enables influence on the brain. The olfactory bulbs are the gateway from the nasal passages directly to the limbic system of the brain. Aromatic substances may directly influence your thinking.




The result is…. emotion, memory and learning can be directly influenced by aromas. March gently rocks the hibernation of Winter. 

March signals the wake-up-sleepyhead blossoming of Spring. As Spring awakens these senses, it's a perfect time to take the cue from nature and use nature’s scents to motivate you to selfcare.  Fully experiencing scents of the season (and other favorites) can uplift your mood, welcome relaxation and elevate your experiences. When used in your daily routines such as bathing and cleansing, you engulf your senses to influence your moods beginning in March and for everyday. So let’s follow the nature trail and say…. alright….MOTIVATE ME MARCH! 

Here are a few of our favorite buds this Spring….and why :). 

Eucalyptus cleanses and purifies the air, promotes feelings of easy breathing and opens airways. This refreshing Earthy  scent encourages deep breathing which is a tool to calm and relax. In addition, it relaxes sore muscles, calms itchiness and boasts vast remedial and healing properties.


Lemon contains uplifting and energizing properties that also cleans and purifies.  Lemon smells so much Summertime and most certainly brings memories of cold refreshment on hot days.  Not to mention the lovely happy yellow color, lemons should come with little “S” capes as the Superpower of cheerfulness.


Pomegranate boasts a sweet tart, winey aroma.  In addition to a rich scent, Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and have a small molecular structure which allows its oil to penetrate deeply into the skin. Pomegranate oil is a great moisturizer to prevent dry, cracked skin. Pomegranate is high in omega 5 fatty acid that hydrates and prevents moisture loss.


Jasmine promotes feelings of self-confidence, wellness and body vigor. Jasmine oil  helps treat dry skin and provide natural moisture that won't clog pores. It is effective in evening skin tone.  The intoxicating aroma helps with stress reduction, reduces anxiety and helps increase alertness and relaxation.


Ginger scent is peppery sharp, pungent and warm, sometimes with a lemon note. Ginger relieves inflammation and creates a sense of equilibrium.  It is known to promote stamina and enlivens the respiratory system.


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Judie Palmisano, Founder, Bath Blessing Box