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 Our NOVEMBER SILKY SOAKS & SHOWER BOX is featured in the Fall issue of Willow and Sage Magazine, and is the box of the year!       

~ Honey Almond Artisan Soap  Our Bath Blessing exclusive Honey Almond is subtle almond with honey swirls and delicious!  

~ NEW Vanilla Oatmeal Bath Crush a unique large jar of bath bomb goodness that bubbles and soothes like a bath salt with vanilla and colloidal oats.  

~ Fall Botanicals Sachet Bag a beautiful collection of botanicals for an epic bath or shower.  Sustainably harvested offering a lovely Fall delight!  

~ Delightful Body Honey Almond Body Bubbles by Pualani Beauty ~ A unique natural body wash that also doubles as bubble bath! 

~ Kneipp Bubbling Mineral Bath - Pamper Rose & Camellia sensory vegan delight made with essential oils.   

~ Bath Blessing NEW Java Julep Body Scrub - large jar of the best Coffee Scrub highlighting just a hint of mint. This may be the best product of the year. Packed full of essential oils and delightful in a warm bath or shower! 

~ Eucalyptus Snow Floral Body Oil Roller ~ Natural Essential Oil roller made with mint and hints of eucalyptus and bergamot!  

For our Shower Lovers and two delightful Shower steamers from Bath Blessing in the amazing scents ~ Harvested Lavender and Deep Forest. These Shower Steamers are safe enough to  be used as cute miniature bath bombs!  

For our those who opted for our SURPRISE ME OPTION, you will get a combination from time to time, sometimes a mixture of the bath and shower. 

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