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Ylang Apricot Artisan Soap, set of two bars

Ylang Apricot Artisan Soap, set of two bars

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 Ylang Apricot Artisan Soap 

 Ylang Apricot Orange Soap All Natural Luxury Soap~ 

Our Bath Blessing exclusive artisan soap will surely motivate you with this uplifting Ylang Ylang Apricot and a touch of orange Orange Soap. 

Sweet summer citrus with a touch of ylang ylang for a floral citrus treat. The secret ingredient is  ground apricot seeds for exfoliation and organic aloe for skin softening and smoothing effect.  A soft and gentle aroma less punchy than lemon. Super powerhouse ingredients are all vegan and natural and will leave your skin soft and supple and ready for Spring.  Our Natural, Vegan artisan soap boasts over five essential oils.

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